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I ordered a chicken sandwich but I think the waitress misunderstood me because she said, "How would you like your eggs?" So I tried to answer her anyhow. I said "Incubated, and then raised, and then beheaded, and then plucked and then cut up then put onto a grill then put onto a bun. S**t, it's gonna take awhile. I don't have time, scrambled!

- Mitch Hedberg
Welcome all to the home of ProjecX!  We are growing stronger by the day and are smashing our way through the rankings.  At this point we are recruiting levels 60+ who are fun and active (and loooove doing guild quests :P )

The Rules:

PKing (Player Killing) - You can PK ppl who have a Red Name, and you can Defend yourself from an Attacker. Reason why you SHOULD NOT PK White Player Names is so we don't land on other Guilds KOS (Kill on Sight). There are PvP Events, Duels, and you can PK Red Players. There is no Reason to PK White Players. If they Bother you or Annoy you or KS you or who knows what, there are always 7 other Realms to go to.
NO scamming - This will also result in an automatic questions asked

Respect - This will be shown to ALL members of the guild, from the leader down to the newest member of our family. So be nice.

Make Love not War.

Do your Guild Quests - We all need to pitch in and help our guild grow, it is the only way the guild to becoming stronger and climb the rankings.

Reasons why you Should do Guild Quests (GQ's):

1st: Guild Quests (GQ's) give Fund and Development (Construction) that is NEEDED to LEVEL UP the Guild.

2nd: Guild Quests (GQ's) give Fund and Development (Construction) that is NEEDED to LEVEL UP Guild Skills.

3rd: Guild Quests (GQ's) give Fund and Development (Construction) that is NEEDED to keep the Guild Alive. If you haven't Noticed, in the Guild Window at the Bottom is an UPKEEP. And Currently at Level 3 that is 12600 FUND and 140 DEV EVERY HOUR! So the Guild Consumes that amount, and if we should Reach Zero at either Fund or Development (Construction) then the Guild will Dissolve, Vanish, or what ever you want to Call it.

4th: Guild Quests (GQ's) give YOU Points. These Points can allow you to use Guild Items that can be bought in the Guild Manor.

5th: Development (Construction) Determines the Guild Ranking. The more Development (Construction) we got, the higher our Ranking in the Guild Ranking.

6th: With Level 80+ doing all 5 Guild Quests gives YOU close to or over 600K EXP.

And if you haven't Noticed yet, an Guild is an Community of ppl and we all stick together and do our Part in being an Part of the Guild. If you don't do Guild Quests, you are not Part of the Guild.

Of course there are Exceptions that can be made. This is an Game, and Real Life comes first. But Exceptions can only be made if the Guild Leader knows about them.

Thank you!


Guild News    


Tigerlime, Oct 25, 10 4:47 PM.
This Week only From 25th to 31st:
The one who brings the most ppl to the Guild wins 500K Coins!

The other Guild Event can be found in the Forums under General Members.

The Alliance has ended...

Tigerlime, Oct 13, 10 3:38 AM.
No more Allys. They left us. So we gotta get some new ones. But before that get around 90 ppl in the Guild.


We got an Alliance

Tigerlime, Oct 5, 10 6:52 PM.
We have now an Alliance with MODs Guild. So be nice to them. Hope everything will be fine and we grow together. With that I mean we don't see it as 2 Guilds, but as 1 Guild. Just with 2 different Leaders and Rules.

Things you can do with the Ally Guild is Chat, Trade and make Partys. There aren't any other Benefits other than Social Interactions. Doesn't make the Guild Stronger or Weaker.

An small Info to all the ppl:

Under the Chat Window are different Tabs for Party, Normal, Guild, etc. You all know them. At the Far right side is an Button, next to the Custom Tab. That Button which looks like an Gear. If you Press it you have the Option to Modify your Chat the way you want. I Recommend you Guys have Guild, Party, Ally, PM Checked. You also should be on the Custom Tab next to the Button. Because that's the only Tab those Options Apply to.

Thanks all.

New Leader some changes.

Tigerlime, Sep 30, 10 2:49 PM.
If you haven't noticed yet, an Incident cause an change in Leader, and with that in some of the Guild Rules and Events.
If you want to know what happened then check the Forums, I will Write the Story there. To sum up all the changes:

1st: PK Rule change, you can PK Red Targets. That has been added.
2nd: For now no more Guild Events.
3rd: For now no more Guild Banker.

We allowed all Levels to join the Guild for a while, but right now we got an Stable Community and should Recruit Level 60+. But I don't see it so tight, if it's an Friend or an Apprentice or an Family Member, they can Join any Time. If it's an Person under 60, but close to 60, he/she can Join as well. For now.

I will be more Strict as the Guild is closer to the Max Amount of Members.

TWO new events to make some extra coinage

Dread_Rattle, Sep 17, 10 10:34 AM.
There are two new guild events that we will be starting as of this sunday (9/19).  The New additional contribution contest will take place on server change this monday (9/20) and the Kill Dread event will begin sunday (9/19)

For all the information and stuff visit the forum section ------ HERE
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